Climate Change: The Mounting Evidence {Video}

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Extreme weather. Sea level rise. Water wars. Wild fires.

There aren’t many people who won’t admit there’s some “weather weirding” going on. But is today’s evident climate change nothing more than a natural cycle? Or is it caused by humans? How will it impact society? What can we do about it?

This compelling documentary, by the Youth Climate Report—which premiered at the United Nations’ COP19 climate summit in Warsaw this month—answers these questions in a way most people can understand. I recommend you put aside the time to watch this film!

About Youth Climate Report.youth climate report logo

Youth Climate Report gives global youth the skills and tools to report on and so contribute to the dialogue around the science of, and policy responses to, climate change.

Their training empowers global youth to participate in the climate change dialogue at the very highest policy level (the UNFCCC) and so become knowledge ambassadors in their communities, while at the same time learning essential digital (journalistic) story-telling skills.

Youth Climate Report contributes to increasing global understanding of climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation.

Through crowd-sourced film reports by youth, they contribute to bridging the gap between science and policy on climate change.

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