Fracking, Fracking & More (F*cking) Fracking.

Pavillion, WY, resident Louis Meeks’ well water contains methane gas, hydrocarbons, lead and copper, according to the U.S. EPA’s test results. When he drilled a new water well, it also showed contaminants. The drilling company Encana is supplying Meeks with drinking water. Photo credit: Abrahm Lustgarten/ProPublica

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Why Are There So Many Chemicals In My Body & How Did They Get There?

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

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Wow. The Beauty of Pollination & Gratitude. {Video}

Screen capture from video below.

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How Many Hours Would You Walk (and Dig) for Water Daily? {Video}


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The Sky is Pink. {Video}

Photo: b4be

An emergency short film about fracking.

Oscar-nominated director of GASLAND, Josh Fox, uses the natural gas industry’s own documents to prove the case that one in five natural gas wells leak. The danger is that the leaks have been known to seep into drinking water.

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It’s H-H-Hot so You’re Off to the Beach. But is the Water Polluted?

Photo: GraceFamily

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What humans have managed to “accomplish” in such a short time.

Wow. This sure puts things in perspective.

Humans have been here only four hours. In that time, we’ve accomplished some spectacular things. What will we do with the rest of our time here?

Special thanks to Molly Cantrell-Kraig, founder of Women with Drive Foundation for sharing this graphic with me.

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