Your Voice Counts: Save The Delaware! {Video}

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The Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi, flowing freely for 330 miles as it travels from New York state, through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Delaware’s 13,539 square mile watershed is only about four-tenths of one percent of the continental U.S. land area, but it supplies water to Continue reading

I Approve This Reality TV Show

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And I scoff at reality TV.

But this is different. This is The Nautical Tribe.

The exciting and inspiring new reality TV series–starring Fabien Cousteau and directed by Jim Rizor–features Continue reading

The Cycle of Insanity

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Check out this video by Surfrider Foundation about our broken water cycle.

Are you now rethinking how you see water? Have you been Continue reading

Drink or use water? Read this. (Please).

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I’ve written about clean water and sanitation issues before, but tomorrow is “WaterWednesday” on twitter and I wanted to post these quick facts and photos (SOURCE: I hope you’ll share this with Continue reading

Chevron Legacy: Toxic Waste in Ecuador

Updated 10.29.10

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18 billion gallons.

A pipe to drain crude contamination from open toxic pools into waterways near Lago Agrio, Ecuador. The toxic pools in the Ecuadorean Amazon rainforest were abandoned by Texaco (now Chevron) after oil drilling operations ended in 1990 and were never remediated. Photo by Caroline Bennett

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Quench the World with Words

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Blog Action Day Subject: WATER

Each year bloggers from more than 100 countries come together and blog about a single important issue, and this year’s topic is clean water. The event includes thousands of blogs — including the White House blog and The Official Google Blog — and they’re looking for as many blogs to participate as possible, regardless of their size and focus.

I hope you’ll think about joining me for this event. To register your blog, visit the Blog Action Day site at

On Thinner Ice – Melting Glaciers on the Roof of the World

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Check out this short video, by David Breashears–mountaineer, photographer and filmmaker–which recounts his research and photography of retreating glaciers.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Study the striking loss of glacier mass between 1921 and 2007 at

“If current melt rates continue, these glaciers will be unable to maintain mass balance, ultimately disrupting the water supply to hundreds of millions of people downstream.”

~Asia Society

If you find melting ice as fascinating as I do, you’ll want to check out the award-winning documentary film, The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning.

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