Help Stop the Hunting of Polar Bears for Profit.

Photo: wikimedia

Hundreds of polar bears are killed each year for their skin, teeth, Continue reading

What a Wonderful World ~ Video

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

David Attenborough narrates this wonderful video… Continue reading

Breathtaking Choreography of Birds in Flight. {Video}

Like This!

I love when my time trolling around the internet pays off with a “wow” Continue reading

Rescued Baby Hummingbird [VIDEO]

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Awwww factor = gazillions X bajillions

photo: eberrara

This is just an awesome video—a young man and the baby hummingbird he rescued.

Video by kandwarf set to music by Jack Johnson.

Kids (and grown-ups), meet your local raptors!

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Live birds + holiday nature crafts

Photo: Flint Creek Wildlife Rehab

If you’re in the Chicago area–looking for an educational, fun activity for your kids this coming weekend–I suggest the upcoming Citizens for Conservation (CFC) presentation of Meet Your Local Raptors!

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation will bring live birds and talk about local raptors. Children attending the class will also make holiday nature Continue reading

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