Like Water? Join the #GlobalFrackDown October 19th.


Fracking uses water. Lots of water.

(It also contaminates water.)

In this short  video, GASLAND Director Josh Fox Continue reading

The Side Effects of Prescription Drugs on the Environment. {Infographic}

drugs and earth

From the time production begins until long after they are consumed, harmful chemicals have numerous opportunities to affect  Continue reading

Fight for Our Drinking Water—Join the #GlobalFrackdown.

Photo: Global Frackdown

The oil and gas industry is ramping up its PR machine to try and convince the public and decision makers that Continue reading

How Many Hours Would You Walk (and Dig) for Water Daily? {Video}


Millions of women and children in the developing world spend untold hours daily, collecting Continue reading

Dry Summer, but… Sewage Overflows Still Huge in Great Lakes.

Photo: jumpinjimmyjava

(Source: Special Report from

Sustained federal infrastructure investment needed to curb Great Lakes sewage overflows

Drenching spring and summer downpours often overwhelm municipal wastewater treatment plants and spill billions of gallons of raw sewage and stormwater into the Great Lakes. Continue reading

It’s H-H-Hot so You’re Off to the Beach. But is the Water Polluted?

Photo: GraceFamily

The number of beach closing and advisory days in 2011 reached the third-highest level in 22 years. Continue reading

The Creeks Are Silent.

Photo of a creek in our ‘hood that’s normally flowing.

We finally planted a rain garden this year. And now there’s been little to no rain. Continue reading

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