Why Are There So Many Chemicals In My Body & How Did They Get There?

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Ever wonder about chemicals in your day-to-day life? I have. Continue reading

Electronics waste piles higher than Mt Everest. Every year.

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We export enough e-waste each year to fill 5126 shipping containers (40 ft x 8.5 ft each).

photo: flickr.com | manowar064 | Guiyu, China

If you stacked them up, they’d reach 8 miles high–higher than Mt Everest, or Continue reading

The True Cost of Coal Ash in China

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Photo: Greenpeace | Coal ash storm in Shui Mo-tou Village

Enough toxic coal ash to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every two and a half minutes.

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To BPA or not to BPA… Safety last?

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The United States approach: chemicals are not banned unless there is proof of harm.

Photo: Sally Ryan for The New York Times

About half a dozen states have banned BPA in children’s products, and Senator Dianne Feinstein hopes to accomplish the same nationwide, with an amendment to the food safety bill scheduled Continue reading

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