Microplastics from Clothing: Are They in Our Food Chain?

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From the BBC News article, Accumulating ‘microplastic’ threat to shores, by Mark Kinver.

Debris on shoreline (Image: AP)

Microscopic plastic debris from washing clothes is accumulating in the marine environment and could be entering the food chain, a study has warned.

Researchers traced the “microplastic” back to synthetic clothes, which released up to Continue reading

Your Voice Counts in 3 Clicks. (w/o 11.7.11)

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Three Key Action Items for the Week.

Starting this week, I will post 3-5 important action items you can take for people and planet. Your voice counts!

Photo by Grayce Pedulla Dillon via flickr.com

Pick one or all—each takes only a minute. I know there are many, many more but these struck a chord with me. Have a cause close to your heart? Feel free Continue reading

Achuar People vs. Talisman

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tal·is·man : something producing magical or miraculous effects?


Uhhh…. not in this case. Continue reading

Electronics waste piles higher than Mt Everest. Every year.

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We export enough e-waste each year to fill 5126 shipping containers (40 ft x 8.5 ft each).

photo: flickr.com | manowar064 | Guiyu, China

If you stacked them up, they’d reach 8 miles high–higher than Mt Everest, or Continue reading

Chevron Legacy: Toxic Waste in Ecuador

Updated 10.29.10

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18 billion gallons.

A pipe to drain crude contamination from open toxic pools into waterways near Lago Agrio, Ecuador. The toxic pools in the Ecuadorean Amazon rainforest were abandoned by Texaco (now Chevron) after oil drilling operations ended in 1990 and were never remediated. Photo by Caroline Bennett

Continue reading

Toxic Soup — Not Quite Like Grandma’s Chicken Noodle

Do you know what toxins are in your food, water and… blood?

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Toxic Soup shares the story of everyday folks fighting to keep their water, air and blood (yes, blood) safe from pollution. Check out this clip:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some Facts You May Not Want To Know… Continue reading

Natural Gas Drilling Boom: Will It Contaminate Our Water Supply?

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Lighting tap water on fire. Do not try this at home.

My friend screened the documentary film, Gasland, at her home last night. I sure didn’t sleep well [note to self: watch potentially disturbing documentary films during the day; light comedy at night].

It was fracking eye-opening. Check out the trailer… Continue reading

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