An Eco Mom’s Dilemma

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It is not easy to be an “” and, however hard I try, I cannot make ours the uber-virtuous green household of perfection. No matter how many times I remind my husband and son about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the limits that should be put on certain toys, Continue reading

Day One: Buy less stuff

I joined the No Impact Project Experiment, a truncated version of Colin Beaven’s experience living with zero impact on the planet. In New York City. The experiment was “only” 7 days–a “one-week carbon cleanse”. All I had to do was follow the downloadable (please don’t print!) How-To-Manual. How hard could it be? I am, after all, already very eco-conscious—some in my neighborhood might even consider me a hippy or an over-the-top crazed enviro-maniac. Continue reading

Adventure at the Farmer’s Market

iStock_farmers marketEthan and I set out for the Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoon (first time this year, I’m sorry to say) in the Jeep Wrangler, top down, doors off. What a gorgeous day! Since Ethan’s a foodie (he’s 8, watches Iron  Chef, Barefoot Contessa, Rachel Ray, etc., and LOVES to make us app’s and/or dinner by himself with absolutely no supervision or recipes), I gave him money to spend on whatever he thought would be good for our family. You’d think–by the bounce in his step, the grin on that sweet face, his eyes bright as he took it all in–that we had just entered a carnival with fried donuts, corn dogs and wild roller coasters. Continue reading

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