Like Water? Join the #GlobalFrackDown October 19th.


Fracking uses water. Lots of water.

(It also contaminates water.)

In this short  video, GASLAND Director Josh Fox Continue reading

Keep Shell Out of the Arctic. (Video)

Photo: NRDC Biogems

The Obama Administration has just given Shell a tentative go-ahead to begin drilling this summer off the coastline of the Arctic Continue reading

Celebrate Solar Day and Move Beyond Petroleum

Given the public outrage over the largest oil spill in U.S. history, maybe it’s time to look at some energy alternatives.

This year’s annual day of recognition for the growth of clean, solar energy in the U.S. is SolarDay 2010 – Saturday, June 19. The premise of SolarDay is Continue reading

Day Five: Replace kilowatts with ingenuity

At first glance, this challenge seems … unchallenging. “Explore no-energy alternatives to accomplish your daily tasks.”

Of course, I’m typing this into my desktop computer, which needs electricity. Strike one. (Working on a laptop uses less energy). I’m working by natural light and am wearing a down vest to keep the chill of the day at bay. Our thermostat is programmed to start it’s journey down to 63 degrees at 5PM and back up to 69 starting at 6AM. I know a couple people who have their heat jacked up to 75 so they can run around in shorts AND open windows for fresh air. That is just… Continue reading

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