It’s H-H-Hot so You’re Off to the Beach. But is the Water Polluted?

Photo: GraceFamily

The number of beach closing and advisory days in 2011 reached the third-highest level in 22 years. Continue reading

How Many Holidays does the Earth Need?

I love the earth and everything, but geez.

Nothing wrong with celebrating and being grateful for the earth. And flowers Continue reading

What’s the Most Cost Effective Green Light Bulb? {Infographic}

Photo: asgl via flickr

Confused about the differences between CFLs, incandescents and LEDs?

This chart should clear things up plus give you the facts you’ll need to make an informed purchase decision based on costs, carbon emissions, toxicity and more… Continue reading

Help Stop the Hunting of Polar Bears for Profit.

Photo: wikimedia

Hundreds of polar bears are killed each year for their skin, teeth, Continue reading

The 10 Most Endangered U.S. Rivers of 2012.

Photo: John McTarnaghan

With Congress considering drastic cuts to national clean water protections, and rivers nationwide facing threats from natural gas drilling, pollution, and new dams, American Rivers today released its annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®. Continue reading

Did Dinosaur Farts Warm the Planet?

Photo: Lehigh Valley, PA

I’m not one to chat casually about flatulence (blush), but the new research published Continue reading

10 Worst American Cities for Air Pollution.

Photo: Public Domain Photos

Is the air you breathe hazardous to your health?

Now’s your chance to find out, thanks to The American Lung Association and their Continue reading

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