Flame Retardants: A Health Risk to Fetuses, Infants & Children.

Despite being a carcinogen, the flame retardant Tris is still used in many other infant products, such as crib mattresses. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Despite being a carcinogen, the flame retardant Tris is still used in many other infant products, such as crib mattresses. Photo credit: Shutterstock

State and federal governments must institute new policies to protect the public from exposure to flame retardants.

~ Recent research report from Environment and Human Health, Inc. (EHHI).

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Get Outside & Play!

Photo from pinterest

Photo from pinterest

Did you know June is Great Outdoors Month?

Here’s something I just found on my old blog, written in June, 2009! Things have changed since then. My son is now 12 and for the last few years it’s been nearly impossible to get him inside when the weather is nice. Continue reading

Tapped – The Movie | McReview

Why I recommend it in 500 words or less…

I watched this movie with my 3rd grade son and he finally comprehends bottled water’s negative impact–from the moment the water is pumped from the ground to the moment the empty bottle is disposed of. That it’s not just about how the industry impacts the environment, but his future health and well-being. Possibly his very survival. As a parent, I want to protect him. Isn’t life challenging enough already?

Bottom line: I urge you to watch this film with your family and then share it with as many others as you can. Learn more….

NOTE: I am not a professional movie reviewer.

Finally–an engaging, safe, virtual enviro-world for kids

MiniMonos is a brand new virtual world [still in alpha stage] for kids to monkey around in.  With their own MiniMonos monkey avatar, they can choose a treehouse to live in, explore the beautiful island, chat with other monkeys, and even participate in the kids blog. Games include catching clouds to create wind energy, cleaning up the trash in the water, recycling into the right bin as stuff falls from a conveyor belt with much more still in development. Kids are encouraged to provide feedback in an effort to make it their world and take special care of it. It’s not flashy or fast-paced, but it’s more than lovable. My third grade son plays on the old laptop in my office and I can play along as another monkey character (Lucy) on my computer. Turns out this is a place he feels he can boss me around in and he really enjoys that we can just hang out and explore together.

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Oh How Our Children Can Inspire Us

My son, Ethan, inspired–and continues to inspire–me to do what I do. What about other parents? Were there any out there who were inspired to go cold-green-turkey or just turn up their existing earth-friendly lifestyle a notch or two? Were there others that took it to the next level by inspiring others in their community or beyond? Yes! And here’s just one of many great stories …

Krista Watterworth, HGTV Host, considers herself a true multi-tasker: mom, author, television personality, and interior designer. Now add living the earth-friendly lifestyle to her list and you’ve got one heck of a woman–watch out eco.moms everywhere! Continue reading

Adventure at the Farmer’s Market

iStock_farmers marketEthan and I set out for the Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoon (first time this year, I’m sorry to say) in the Jeep Wrangler, top down, doors off. What a gorgeous day! Since Ethan’s a foodie (he’s 8, watches Iron  Chef, Barefoot Contessa, Rachel Ray, etc., and LOVES to make us app’s and/or dinner by himself with absolutely no supervision or recipes), I gave him money to spend on whatever he thought would be good for our family. You’d think–by the bounce in his step, the grin on that sweet face, his eyes bright as he took it all in–that we had just entered a carnival with fried donuts, corn dogs and wild roller coasters. Continue reading

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