#StopMonsanto—Help Kickstart the Feature Film.

It’s a movie venture, a knowledge trip and adventure rolled into one movie that’s meant to stop Monsanto. Continue reading

Save the Farm {Video}

Like This!

After watching the trailer for Save the Farm and reading about the farmers who were evicted from the land that sustained hundreds of people, I was suspended in disbelief. Watch this trailer, read the info I picked up from the website, and let me know your own reaction. Then help by sharing this post. Continue reading

Tonight: Agriculture Experts Discuss Organic Market

With Spring on the horizon, America’s farmers are gearing up for a prosperous summer season. But as new products gain visibility and distribution into larger markets and the growing organic food movement shifts consumers’ spending habits, I’m left to wonder how agriculture will be affected in the long run.

Lucky for me–and anyone else whose looking for clarity on the subject Continue reading

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