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You Wanna Close BP?


I love this cartoon by Joe Mohr,the man behind Mean Joe Green Cartoons. It says it all.

The blame game continues as oil continues to gush into the Gulf. And what about the other oil disasters that Continue reading

Disclosure: Paper Towel Junkie

iStock_empty paper towel holderI hate to admit it, but I was once a paper towel junkie. I blame it on genetics. My mom’s side of the family. A kitchen without paper towels? Impossible! And the paper towel holder? A must-have appliance… for who could live without the ability to unwind just the right number of squares with one hand while stirring the pot with the other? And the instant gratification of a spill–here one second, soaked up and tossed with ease into the garbage the next, as if it never even happened?

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