Finally–an engaging, safe, virtual enviro-world for kids

MiniMonos is a brand new virtual world [still in alpha stage] for kids to monkey around in.  With their own MiniMonos monkey avatar, they can choose a treehouse to live in, explore the beautiful island, chat with other monkeys, and even participate in the kids blog. Games include catching clouds to create wind energy, cleaning up the trash in the water, recycling into the right bin as stuff falls from a conveyor belt with much more still in development. Kids are encouraged to provide feedback in an effort to make it their world and take special care of it. It’s not flashy or fast-paced, but it’s more than lovable. My third grade son plays on the old laptop in my office and I can play along as another monkey character (Lucy) on my computer. Turns out this is a place he feels he can boss me around in and he really enjoys that we can just hang out and explore together.

I still can’t decide whether I love the kids/game aspect or the grown-ups section where I can find Continue reading

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