Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves.

heal our world heal ourselves

Right now many of our kids are being raised by Lil Wayne, Zombies and Minecraft.

As a mom with a 12 year old son who would play Minecraft 24/7 if I let him Continue reading

Save the Farm {Video}

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After watching the trailer for Save the Farm and reading about the farmers who were evicted from the land that sustained hundreds of people, I was suspended in disbelief. Watch this trailer, read the info I picked up from the website, and let me know your own reaction. Then help by sharing this post. Continue reading

Forget Shorter Showers? I don’t think so. ~ by Sunita Pillay

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Originally published on elephantjournal.com by Sunita Pillay.

I don’t think so.

I have been contemplating Derrick Jensen’s article, Forget Shorter Showers, for two years now.

It has been on the back burner of my brain all this time. Continue reading

Keep off my lawn, chemicals!

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A patch of my non-conformist front lawn.

This is one time I say no to green.

Green, as in, the color. I mean, what’s wrong with the occasional splash of purple (my favorite color) or yellow?

And, if one has to treat their lawn with chemicals in order to maintain an “acceptable” Continue reading

A man, a bike and a food fight

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Determined to raise $50,000 for the Nature Conservancy, Nathan Winters  spent 5 months pedaling 4,300 miles across the country. I met Nathan on twitter of all places—where he’s been touted as one of “The Top 20 Real Food Advocates to Follow”—and was intrigued by what could possibly motivate a man to set out on such a journey.

Nathan Winters

Nathan explains in this excerpt from his book, An Unconventional Harvest

Why did I spend 5 months pedaling 4,300 miles across the country to rediscover our food system? Before I answer that question, I must point out Continue reading

Just In: Brazil Green Lights Controversial Dam (Damn!)

This is disheartening news.

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A spectacular sunset over the vast expanse of the Xingu River. Photo Credit: Amazon Watch

Last September, I wrote about the Belo Monte Dam Complex–a project in the Amazon which, if completed, will displace tens of thousands of indigenous people and have profound environmental impacts. Despite many local protests and global petition signatures against the dam–not to mention a compelling video narrated by Sigourney Continue reading

Tapped — Film Screening & Free Bottle Exchange

Take the pledge and exchange your empty disposable plastic water bottle for a reusable stainless steel bottle!

The award-winning documentary Tapped continues their eco-aggressive 30- day/30-city cross country tour to get Americans “Off the Bottle.”  They’re in Atlanta Continue reading

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