A man, a bike and a food fight

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Determined to raise $50,000 for the Nature Conservancy, Nathan Winters  spent 5 months pedaling 4,300 miles across the country. I met Nathan on twitter of all places—where he’s been touted as one of “The Top 20 Real Food Advocates to Follow”—and was intrigued by what could possibly motivate a man to set out on such a journey.

Nathan Winters

Nathan explains in this excerpt from his book, An Unconventional Harvest

Why did I spend 5 months pedaling 4,300 miles across the country to rediscover our food system? Before I answer that question, I must point out Continue reading

Day Four: Healthy eating to lessen your “foodprint”

eco.fact: Distance your average item of food travels to your plate: 1,500 miles (John Hendrickson, Energy use in the U.S. Food System: A Summary of existing research and analysis). iStock_man eating earth

During the No Impact Man family’s no impact year, not only did they eat locally and seasonally, all packaged and processed foods were eliminated from their grocery list. And they live in New York City!! This I knew would be a challenge for us. Continue reading

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