Switch Off Your Lights for Earth Hour | Video

Photo courtesy EarthHour.org

March 31, 2012 at 8:30pm wherever you live. Come as you are!

More than 5,200 cities and towns in 135 countries worldwide switched off their lights for Continue reading

Award-Winning “Citizens for Conservation” Wilderness Programs for Kids + More.

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Citizens for Conservation (CFC) actively restores land, putting back in place the full biodiversity that once covered northeast Illinois. They educate and encourage Continue reading

Are Subsidies Making Us Fat? {Video}

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Photo Credit: Sarah209

Who Will be The Biggest Farm Bill Loser?

It is often argued that subsidies have lead to the overproduction of commodity crops like corn and soybeans, creating cheap junk food that makes us fat. The farmers lose and Continue reading

Your Voice Counts in 3 Clicks. (w/o 11.7.11)

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Three Key Action Items for the Week.

Starting this week, I will post 3-5 important action items you can take for people and planet. Your voice counts!

Photo by Grayce Pedulla Dillon via flickr.com

Pick one or all—each takes only a minute. I know there are many, many more but these struck a chord with me. Have a cause close to your heart? Feel free Continue reading

24 Hours of Reality

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“24 Hours of Reality will focus the world’s attention on the full truth, scope, scale and impact of the climate crisis. To remove the doubt. Reveal the deniers. And catalyze urgency around an issue that affects every one of us.” ~Al Gore

The Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection) announced a new global campaign to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis and mobilize citizens to help solve it.  The campaign kicks off with Continue reading

Help the rainforest: A tree planted on your behalf! {FREE!}

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In Brazil, 1.5 acres of rainforest are lost every second.

Photo courtesy Trees for the Future

To plant a tree, simply sign up to be a member of My Green Face, an online environmental community that engages its members to learn, share, discuss—and take action. There’s no cost Continue reading

Veggies don’t bite.

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So why not take the challenge?

Go meatless for week. Just eat your veggies, fruits and whole grains and see how good you feel. Register here. (Let me know if you sign-up for the challenge by commenting here or sending me a tweet @LynnHasselbrgr. Would also love to hear from you during and after the challenge to see how it went. Oh, and if your veggies happen to bite, please let me know).

Then… go to Veggie Fest 2011!

VeggieFest 2011 is one of the biggest vegetarian festivals in North America! Not only is there free admission and free Continue reading

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