The Largest Environmental Action in U.S. History—I Was There!

My son & I before the march. NO KXL in lipstick. (Note: No, that’s not real fur.) Photo taken (and lipstick provided) by Laura Sabransky.

Yesterday, an estimated 40,000 people gathered in Continue reading

The Koch Brothers, Climate Change & Crimes Against Humanity. {Video}

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

Anthropogenic Climate Change… Real or Not?

Definition of anthropogenic: resulting from the influence of human beings on nature.

Earth’s “perfect” climate allows us to live comfortably, thanks to a certain balance of oxygen and other elements Continue reading

Exposed: The Dirty Chamber of Commerce

Like This!

photo: | Alfred T. Palmer


The US Chamber of Commerce and big polluters like Chevron are standing in the way of curbing climate change. Watch this BEAUTIFUL video from and artist Hans Hansen to find out how. Continue reading

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