Volunteer to Build Sustainable Communities Around the World.

Photo: EPS

Photo: EPS

The crisis is already here. You can help.

The earth’s resources are being depleted, the air’s getting filthier…

Research has shown that the Middle East—like Costa Rica, one of today’s more popular vacation destinations—used to be lush with forests. But years and years of ancient civilizations cutting down all their trees left the land exposed to the harsh sun, and it literally baked, turning it into the desert we see today.

The Hawaiian Island of Lanai was deforested in the 19th century and its land still hasn’t recovered. Wind erosion poses a constant problem and it’s nearly impossible for vegetation to grow. Compare this with the beautiful islands located just a few miles away…

In Costa Rica the logging has already started. Huge areas have been deforested and the soil is turning hard. In the hot climate, without trees, the earth doesn’t stand a chance.

What can we do about it?

I learned recently that Eco Preservation Society has received the rights to go on to protected land and plant 40,000 baby trees. And they need volunteers to help!

This first project, the Scarlet Macaw Conservation program at Ocean Ranch Reserve, is a collaborative partnership with the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment (MINET) and ICE, the Costa Rican national energy and telecommunications company. The Scarlet Macaw biological corridor project which has been sanctioned by the Costa Rican government and encompasses thousands of hechtares from Playa Hermosa to the central valley of Costa Rica. The primary thrust is to reestablish the natural habitat along the river that bisect the property and steep sloped areas that were previously degraded by agricultural activity.

Once in the ground these trees will never be allowed to be cut down. They’re getting at the problem early enough so that the root systems will be able to save the earth in these locations from the same fate as Lanai. But that’s only one part of what they’re plan to do.

As soon as they reach their fundraising goal, they’ll start construction on totally green housing for their volunteers and then document their progress. They want to show the world how to start a sustainable community—from construction of housing, to setting up a garden, to getting a clean energy source up and running.

It’s their hope that people who access their free “SEEDLINGS” videos will implement some or all of these aspects in their own homes. Clean energy, growing your own food, living green—none of these things need to be done out on some farm. You can do them from the comfort of your own home, easily!

Here are the first two episodes:

The vision:

Once EPS plants the initial 40,000 trees, they’ll receive more trees and be able to go to more locations where they’ll set up different energy sources and implement different types of structures so that the local population can use whatever system works best for them. Their end goal is to set up these structures for volunteers all over the world so that no one can claim ignorance about living green.

How you can help:

  • Share this blog post and make a donation. (Donations receive a green certificate for helping the planet.)
  • Volunteer by signing up here! Be sure to mention I Count for myEARTH!

If you’re a blogger and/or social media maven, EPS would love your help! They’ll link you directly with boots on the ground projects, not with the EPS organization as a whole. This program is about personal ownership and building teams of committed environmentalists all pulling together to achieve concrete goals.

There are four objectives for this virtual volunteer effort:

  1. Support crowdfunding campaign efforts
  2. Recruit international volunteers into the program
  3. Improve their search engine optimization with backlinks into their website and campaign pages.
  4. Recruit contributing bloggers and content managers

Join the EPS Virtual Volunteer Facebook page.

Click here for the Active Conservation Program.

Click here to see all EPS volunteer opportunities.

Eco Preservation is a nonprofit. Your donations will go towards buying supplies, not into someone’s pocket!

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