NASA study finds Arctic getting greener as climate warms. {video}

Source: via Lorelei on Pinterest

A NASA-funded study has found global warming is pushing trees further and further north towards the Arctic, bringing lush vegetation to areas that were once barren.

“Vegetation now grows in areas that were ecologically off limits only a few decades ago—a region that covers a jaw-dropping 3.5 million square miles (9 million square kilometers). For perspective, that’s an area equal to the continental United States.” ~ Compton Tucker through a NASA statement

Over the last several weeks, massive cracks have appeared in the ice that connects the Beaufort Gyre region to Alaska. As a result of last summer’s record sea ice-loss, the winter ‘refreezing’ process went dismally and the surface area and thickness never recovered. The situation is frightening with the beginning of the 2013 melt season only a few weeks away. Read more…

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