Governor Cuomo: Don’t Poison New Yorkers. {Video}

new york governor cuomo

People (and animals) are already suffering from the unintended consequences of fracking.

We all deserve clean air, clean water, safe food. Fracking compromises these basic needs and until there’s a proven method of safely extracting natural gas, fracking has to be stopped.

Your Voice Counts (whether or not you live in New York):

Call NY Governor Cuomo and tell him to ban fracking today: 1-855-675-9300

Our work isn’t done there.

President Obama is considering fracking “cheerleader” Ernest Moniz for Energy Secretary. We need our President to stick to his promises and find a real leader to help solve the climate crisis.

Sign the food & water watch petition to tell Obama: “Don’t appoint a fracking proponent as energy secretary.”


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