Keep Shell Out of the Arctic. (Video)

Photo: NRDC Biogems

The Obama Administration has just given Shell a tentative go-ahead to begin drilling this summer off the coastline of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—the polar bear’s most important onshore denning ground in Alaska.

~ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., NRDC Senior Attorney

Update September 17, 2012: Shell has suspended drilling due to damage to testing mishap. But we need to keep the pressure on!

Your Voice Counts!

Click here to sign NRDC’s petition telling Secretary Salazar to deny the company the final permits it needs to drill in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.

According to the government’s own estimates, there’s a very real danger of at least one major oil spill if Shell moves forward with full-scale production. Even worse, the oil industry has no proven method for cleaning up oil in the Arctic’s ice-filled waters. So the death toll of oil-soaked and poisoned polar bears, whales and seals would be unimaginable.

Robert F. Kennedy

Sign the petition to declare the Arctic a global sanctuary!

Thanks for taking action. Please share this far and wide.

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