The Other Inconvenient Truth. {Video}

Photo: Dave Toussaint (

Photo: Dave Toussaint (

The incredible global issue that’s at the intersection of land use, food and environment.

Demand for food is skyrocketing. As a result, agriculture has become the largest driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental destruction. Agriculture uses 40% of our earth’s land surface and accounts for 70% of water use.  At TEDxTC Jonathan Foley shows why we desperately need to begin “terraculture” — farming for the whole planet.

Jonathan Foley discusses the complex environmental systems and their affects on society. His computer models have shown the deep impact agriculture is having on our planet. Watch this video to learn how Jonathan suggests we tackle this problem as the need for agriculture grows.

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  1. […] daily activities contribute to the problem, the major sources of carbon are fossil fuels and unsustainable agriculture (factory farms, crops that are not rotated, etc.). Our climate system is getting thrown out of […]

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