Award-Winning “Citizens for Conservation” Wilderness Programs for Kids + More.

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Citizens for Conservation (CFC) actively restores land, putting back in place the full biodiversity that once covered northeast Illinois. They educate and encourage a caring attitude towards the environment and open space and have saved over 3,000 acres of natural lands since 1971.

Located northwest of Chicago in Barrington, Illinois, CFC received a Conservation and Native Landscaping Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Chicago Wilderness for its Flint Creek Savanna restoration.

CFC also offers extraordinary classes for children and adults. My son and husband attended last year’s raptor class and haven’t stopped talking about it.

January 21, 2012 classes:

Leave No Child Inside: Raptors in Flight | 11:30-1pm | Kids 5+

Red-tailed Hawk with Dawn Keller courtesy of Pat Winkelman

Calling all kids! Enjoy a hike around the CFC-owned Flint Creek Savannah snow-covered prairie with stops to view and learn about live raptors. Then, witness a raptor in free flight under the professional guidance of Dawn Keller from Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation. Cool!

Check out Dawn’s breath-taking November 2011 release of two rehabilitated eaglets (video by irvineAP):

Afterwards, there will be hot chocolate and the chance to ask Dawn about her exciting work. Fee: $10/person.

Download and complete your registration form before January 13th. If there’s too much snow, the class will move to January 22nd, same time. Call CFC at 847-382 SAVE (7283) or email with any questions.

Environmental Effects of Artificial Light | 9:30-10:30am | Adults

Photo by .Curt via

From bats and songbirds to fireflies and fish, animals are known to change their behavior in response to light. A growing awareness of the importance of light and darkness to the natural world has led to questions in recent years about possible effects of artificial light. Drew Carhart from the Illinois Coalition for Responsible Outdoor Lighting will speak about man-made light at night with special emphasis on its ecological and biological effects.

Class will take place in the main floor meeting room at the Barrington Area Library. Coffee, conversation, handouts, and displays begin at 9:00. Fee: $10.00 for non-members (paid at the door); CFC members attend free. RSVP by calling CFC at 847-382-SAVE (7283) or send an e-mail to

More about CFC’s notable 2011 EPA and Chicago Wilderness Award

Back row L to R: volunteer Gene Branson, Board Members Diane Bodkin + John Schweizer. Front row L to R: Board members Patsy Mortimer, Staff Director Sam Oliver, Volunteer Joyce Allen. Photo: Diane Bodkin

Citizens for Conservation received a 2011 Conservation and Native Landscaping Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Chicago Wilderness for its Flint Creek Savanna restoration. The award recognizes “sites that are exemplary in the use of native landscaping, ecosystem restoration and protection, and/or conservation design. These practices create and protect habitat for a variety of native plant and animal species and result in important environmental benefits for both people and nature.”

Chicago Wilderness and EPA commended CFC’s commitment to Flint Creek Savanna, including the dedication of CFC’s active volunteer base. They were impressed with the enhanced habitat and biodiversity of prairie, wetland, and oak woods as well as the sharing of seed and plants with other local conservation groups and restoration projects

The judges also cited CFC’s protection of habitat for nesting migratory birds and its public education and communication initiatives.

The award capped Citizens for Conservation’s 40th anniversary celebration of Saving Living Space for Living Things.

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