Veggies don’t bite.

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So why not take the challenge?

Go meatless for week. Just eat your veggies, fruits and whole grains and see how good you feel. Register here. (Let me know if you sign-up for the challenge by commenting here or sending me a tweet @LynnHasselbrgr. Would also love to hear from you during and after the challenge to see how it went. Oh, and if your veggies happen to bite, please let me know).

Then… go to Veggie Fest 2011!

VeggieFest 2011 is one of the biggest vegetarian festivals in North America! Not only is there free admission and free parking, but you’ll also find a huge international vegetarian food court, lots of exciting food demos where you can learn new vegetarian recipes, and dozens of experts speaking on vegetarianism, spirituality, and healthy living.

You’ll love the awesome live music, activities for kids, free coupon books for local businesses, and over 100 exhibitor booths too. It’s the must-attend veggie party of the summer!

Register for Veggie Fest’s Vegetarian Challenge

  • Receive support: tips, restaurant guide, recipes
  • A special goodie bag when you attend Veggie Fest!
  • A new e-recipe every week

The When + Where of Veggie Fest Chicago.

August 13-14, 2011
Naperville, Illinois
The grounds of the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center

P.S. There will be a food and blood drive, too! So please bring your non-perishables and, uh, veins!

For more info visit

Like This!

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  1. Veggie fest is the best! I can’t wait!

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