Greenwash Alert: Dasani (VIDEO)

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photo: | Brad Briles

greenwash : to make people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is.

This video by Jim Rizor slams a recent Dasani ad.

… they replaced 30% of the petroleum ingredients in PET #1 with ethanol. It is a big nothing (side-step at best) that they are praising as a huge step in the green direction. It’s like saying that a nuclear warhead is more peaceful because it has a sunflower painted on it. The bottle is still not bio-degradable and has as much environmental toxicity as its predecessors. ~Jim Rizor, The Nautical Tribe

The real commercial…

What’s your take? Please help spread the word by sharing far and wide!

P.S. Please comment here if you detect a greenwash out there in the world!

4 Responses

  1. I don’t see how anything plastic can be made from a plant where it would be 30% more environmentally friendly? The things I learn in a day!

  2. Lynn,
    I sure hope you have posted fun things since I last visited … oh, bllubbly months ago. In my work as a landscape architect I see a lot of greenwash. The issue here, with Dasani is: Why do we need the bottle in the first place?

    It is not something I will research, but I have been told that Chinese bamboo products are not the eco-friendly product LEED and nearly every environmentalist tauts to be desireable for its “sustainability”.

    • Exactly–why the bottle? Hadn’t heard that about Chinese bamboo–if you learn anything more about that, let me know! Sorry for the delayed response. I appreciate that you took the time to comment 😉

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