Creating Gardens. One Child at a Time. (VIDEO)


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Photo: courtesy Leave It Better

Leave It Better‘s unique documentary project provides children with gardening supplies and cameras, and allows them to share the story as they learn to compost, plant seeds and ultimately harvest food they’ve grown themselves.

You can help make this film a reality—even $1 can make a difference!

  • Make a tax-deductible pledge–your name/organization could be listed in the film’s credits!
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  • Tweet this: Creating Gardens. One Child at a Time. by @lynnhasselbrgr /video by @LeaveItBetter

Want to participate?

Contact Leave It Better. They’re looking for students and schools to participate.

More About Leave it Better.

Growing gardens. Biking to work. Installing solar panels. Composting. Using bio-degradable plastic. Drinking from reusable water bottles. Picking up trash. There’s so many things- big and small- that we all do to leave it better.

Leave It Better is a non-profit organization with two distinct roles:

  • Documentary production company that focuses on telling stories about people who are actively providing environmental solutions.
  • An organization that provides gardens and cameras to youth, teaching them how to grow their own food, and also how to use video to share the story of their learning.

The Leave It Better Team is made up of college students, volunteers, video professionals, designers, web programmers, photographers, teachers, journalists, farmers, industry experts and probably more. They’re all dedicated to sharing ideas about how we can improve our relationship with the environment, and how we can take action to work together and green our neighborhoods.

For more information, visit Join them on facebook and twitter. You can also view more of their videos here.

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  2. […] Originally published on my I Count for myEARTH blog, where you can learn more about this project. […]

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