Earth Day is Not Over

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Hope you had a great Earth Day!

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I didn’t want to use the cliche “Earth Day is Every Day” so I chose to say Earth Day is not over. Every day, if we’re fortunate enough, we breathe clean-ish air, drink clean water and eat somewhat safe food whilst using toxin-free products. While Earth Day is an official day first established in 1970, it is by no means the only day to be grateful to live on this amazing planet. Especially since–as far as we know–there’s no other planet that can sustain human life.

Like bringing our car in for an oil change, keeping our houses clean, weeding, and taking care of ourselves when we’re sick, we need to take care of Earth whether via the small things like recycling and reducing pollution or larger actions like marching in DC for clean air… even signing an online petition.

Donna Freeman

I was honored to be interviewed last week by Donna Freeman–founder of–to talk about what inspired me to begin my journey to eco-conscious living (no, I am not the perfect eco-diva, but I try my best!). You can check out the interview on or or directly on blog talk radio.  I tried to embed it here, but it wouldn’t work :/

Thanks for checking it out! Would love to hear about what inspires you!

Have a great day. More posts coming this week. ~Cheers!

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