Environmental Education Week: Ocean Connections

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Explore our vital connection to oceans with teachers + students nationwide

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April 10-16

The ocean covers nearly three quarters of our planet’s surface, provides 70 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere and houses about 20 percent of the known species on Earth. It regulates climate and weather and provides food and energy resources for humans worldwide. No matter how far from the coast, water in every stream or river eventually ends up in the ocean, and all life on Earth is dependent upon its health. More than half of all Americans live within 50 miles of the coast, but whether near or far, our lives are inextricably linked to the ocean. Recognizing the importance of protecting the health of our ocean and understanding our dependence upon it regardless of its proximity, the National Environmental Education Week (EE Week) 2011 theme is Ocean Connections.

Access to hundreds of ocean-related lesson plans and resources

Participating educators will have access to hundreds of ocean-related lesson plans and resources plus opportunities to participate in educator webinars and interact with experts and scientists. They’ll also receive a grade-appropriate EE Week planning toolkit, certificates of participation and much more. In addition, EE Week will provide special resources, lesson plans and opportunities for educator professional development and student learning about the Gulf oil spill. Learn more by visiting www.eeweek.org/ocean_connections.

Register today by visiting www.eeweek.org/register, and join thousands of educators and students across the country in exploring our vital connection to the ocean during National Environmental Education Week, April 10-16, 2011.

Why Register?

When you register for EE Week, you will join a national network of educators dedicated to increasing the environmental literacy of K-12 students. You will also receive:

  • Free EE Week planning toolkits with information and grade-appropriate resources to help you plan and promote your school or organization’s EE Week activities;
  • Certificates of Participation for both you and your students;
  • Monthly e-mail newsletters with classroom activities, funding resources and professional development opportunities;
  • Access to an online library of environmental curricula, resources and classroom tools;
  • Opportunities to promote your school or organization’s programs and projects to a national audience of environmental educators;
  • Access to the National Environmental Education Foundation‘s series of webinars designed especially for K-12 educators to facilitate teaching and learning about the environment; and
  • Opportunities for discounts and special offers for educational materials from our partners, including a free digital copy of Green Teacher magazine’s spring marine education issue, 10% off a purchase from Nature-Watch, and 25% off a purchase from The Video Project.

National Environmental Education Week (EE Week)–the nation’s largest environmental education event held each year the week before Earth Day–inspires environmental learning and stewardship among K-12 students. EE Week connects educators with environmental resources to promote K-12 students’ understanding of the environment. EE Week is a program of the National Environmental Education Foundation.

Since its inception in 2005, EE Week has reached millions of students and educators across the United States with non-biased, high-quality, environmental education materials grounded in accurate, timely scientific information and tied to local, state and national learning standards.

When you register for EE Week, you join a national network of educators dedicated to increasing the environmental literacy of K-12 students. You will also receive certificates of participation, free online resources, information on professional development and funding opportunities, and access to discounts on educational materials from our partners. There is no cost to register and participate in EE Week.

Whether you are an educator looking to engage your students and inspire real-world problem-solving in the classroom, a homeschooling parent looking to encourage leadership in your children or a community leader looking to promote local habitat conservation, participating in EE Week is a terrific way to enhance learning and bring about positive change in your school and community.

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