Will Our Kids Need Webbed Feet + Wings? | VIDEO

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Meet Climate Kid…

Climate change means a lot of kids throughout the world are having to deal with a lot of new problems. But how to you dramatize those problems? By showing how dramatically kids will have to evolve their bodies to deal with them.

This video was produced by Do The Green Thing and written by Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani for UNICEF. Voiced by newsreader Jon Snow and animated by Tom Baker with music by Michael Mertens, Climate Kid shows how an ordinary kid will need to develop increasingly extraordinary body parts to cope with experts’ predictions of prolonged periods of intense sunshine, freak floods, cyclones, droughts and food shortage.

The campaign is the latest installment of UNICEF’s Carbon Positive initiative to raise awareness and funds for their climate change projects around the world and is part of Do The Green Thing’s mission to use creativity to tackle climate change. ~ Source: Pentagram

How you can help.

  • Donate to UNICEF to help children adapt to climate change.
  • Share this post on facebook.
  • Share this post on twitter with the hashtag #ClimateKid

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