The sustainable wedding dress: eco-exquisite.

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Photo by: B&G Photography

The embodiment of art, sustainability, and philanthropy.

Artfully and meticulously crafted, the fabric wrapped in LINDEE DANÍEL gowns are wild silks (organic and peace), peace silks (won’t harm a life-cycle), conventional silk, and organic cottons. Using earth dyes and chemical-free processing,  these gowns are produced locally with fair trade practices and an unwavering commitment to all things natural.

The signature indigo color is extra-special in that the dyestuffs are obtained from a woman’s co-op in El Salvador–women supporting women.

5% of sales helps youth in the skid row area of Los Angeles.

Seen in Martha Stewart Weddings Blog & 2011 Summer Print Edition | Pacific Weddings Magazine Summer/Fall 2010 | Inhabitat | COCOECO Magazine | Ecostiletto | Ecofabulous | LA Magazine Blog | The Huffington Post | and numerous other fabulous blogs.

LINDEE DANÍEL is in Chicago Jan. 29 for Indie Wed … 30-50% off for this one day!

The first event of its kind in the Midwest, Indie Wed caters to not only unconventional couples who are taking a more modern, edgy, or eco-friendly approach to their special day, but also the more conservative couples who simply want to add some special touches.

More about Lindee, owner + designer.

Genuine and down to earth, Lindee finds joy in the simple things. She has an unwavering commitment to all things natural, and for giving back. Her passion for fabric and design started as a child. She grew up in small towns, tended to her grandmother’s little farm and garden, and watched her father build and create things with his hands. A vegetarian before her teens, Lindee still eats natural and organic.  She conserves, reuses, recycles and has a passion for youth and education.

I had the chance to catch up with Lindee to learn more about what inspires her.

What drove you to choose sustainable design?

From before my teens, I began down the road of conscious eating and being concerned with overall health. I grew in knowledge and this folded into other areas of my life. With the long-held idea of having my own clothing company one day, it was a given that it must be as sustainable as possible.

What inspired you to get into wedding gown design?

This was, if I may be bold to say, divine inspiration. Or, if you prefer, it was a ‘lightbulb’ moment. I was developing my first collection of ready-to-wear shorts, tops, pants, skirts and shortly into the marketing and selling, I ‘wasn’t feeling it.’ It was as though this voice was saying, this isn’t it. I took about a week and pondered, sat in silence often, and then remembered a little project I was going to do for a show through my graduate school: an eco wedding dress. This was the ‘ah ha!’ moment. For me it made absolute perfect sense from the creative side: I would be able to put quality time and intricate detail into a piece meant to be extraordinary. It also made perfect sense from a business perspective, and those details I’ll leave alone.

Lindee holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business, and studied Textiles and Apparel Technology in a master’s program. She resides in Santa Monica, Ca.

You’ll find Lindee Daniel on facebook, in Los Angeles, CA; Tampa, FL; Atlanta, GA (Spring 2011); and serving the entire world through creative channels.

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