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You’re invited to help shape the future of recycling.

This November 15th, Greenopolis, provider of innovative recycling technology, will present the first Greenopolis Recycling Forum on America Recycles Day… and you’re invited! This interactive discussion will help shape the future of recycling – inspiring environmental thought, discussion, and progress for years to come.

Using the same communication technology that powered‘s innovative town hall meetings, Greenopolis will take the next step in connecting major corporations with their consumers and leading influencers in the environmental space.

Greenopolis Recycling Forum Keynote Panel And Hosts

Andrew Mangan is co-founder and executive director of the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development, the leading national business organization in creating cross-industry and public-private relationships to solve environmental and social challenges while improving its members’ bottom line.

Andy will share the By-Product Synergy process, defined by the US BCSD in 1997 and implemented in projects across North America and in Europe, where under-valued waste or by-product streams from one process are matched with potential users at another facility to create new revenues or savings while eliminating waste.

Christie Lee is the Product Development Manager and Sustainable Design Lead at Preserve. There, she leads the Sustainability Committee, where she creates sustainable systems, implements sustainable product design, and conducts Life Cycle Assessments.

Christie will speak to the need to create no-compromise products from recycled materials that increase demand for recycled materials, and the Preserve Gimme 5 program, a closed loop #5 plastic recycling program.

Gil Friend, a systems ecologist and business strategist, is president and CEO of Natural Logic, Inc. offering advisory services and tools that help companies and communities prosper by embedding the laws of nature at the heart of enterprise.

Gil will cover the what and how of Extended Producer Responsibility, a systems where producers of goods are ultimately responsible for their recapture, reuse, re-manufacture or recycling, and safe disposal.

Darcy Winslow has been a pioneer and active practitioner of sustainability frameworks and principles, exploring and experimenting with the application of these to all aspects of business. Darcy worked at Nike, Inc. for over 20 years and held several senior management positions within the business. She most recently served as General Manager for Nike’s Global Women’s Fitness Business and as Senior Advisor to the Nike Foundation, which seeks to empower disadvantaged girls ages 10 to 19 years, through poverty alleviation and creating economic livelihood opportunities.

Darcy will share trash into value stories from her current clients and talk a bit about materials pooling and recycling lessons from her Nike footwear days.

Bob Ferris is the Executive Director of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities headquartered in Bellingham, Washington.  Bob has been a leader in the conservation, environmental, and sustainability arenas for more than 20 years working on issues ranging from wolf recovery and farm policy to climate change and green building.  He currently heads a multi-faceted non-profit focused on waste reduction, water quality, environmental literacy, and sustainable living.

Bob’s current intersection with the recycling world revolves around approaches for short-stopping construction and demolition waste as well as bringing consciousness to individual consumption and disposal activities.

Jennifer Berry is the Public and Strategic Relations Manager for Earth911 and heads up the company’s public relations and social media efforts. Jennifer has worked with a wide range of Earth911’s partners to communicate and understand their recycling and sustainability efforts, including SunChips, Keep America Beautiful, Call2Recycle and the Consumer Electronics Association.

Anthony Zolezzi was the co-founder of Code Blue Recycling which was acquired by Waste Management and integrated into the Greenopolis recycling system. Today Anthony serves as the Creative Director of Greenopolis. Anthony has devoted his life to causes that heal the earth, including organic agriculture, corporate sustainability programs, alternative energy, recycling (with Greenopolis) and the Pacific Garbage Patch. Anthony has co-written five books including: “Chemical-Free Kids” (2003), “The Detachment Paradox” (2004), “How Dog Food Saved the Earth” (2005) and “Do Something: Leave Your Mark on the World” (2007)

Anthony will share the shift in consciousness and paradigm represented by the Greenopolis Recycling system.

Melissa McGinnis is an up and coming eco-advocate whose work on saving family farms resulted in a successful marketing and production company, Melissa McGinnis Productions. Melissa has expertise in marketing meaningful environmental messages to “millennials” and has been engaged by major CPG companies to get their messages out to this specific group. Currently she has developed a web based TV show on Greenopolis about converting waste to resources and resource conservation.

Joe Laur is Senior Manager, Community Engagement and Development for Greenopolis. Joe was a founding partner of SEED Systems, where he helped clients like Nike, Plug Power and Harley-Davidson learn to meet environmental, social and economic goals.

He is the co-author of The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations Are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World. Joe was the original director of content for Greenopolis, and that makes him the longest tenured member on staff! He writes for Greenopolis, manages content and bloggers, and builds online partnerships and relationships for the site.

Your participation matters:

  • Each participant who takes part has a voice — participate in conversation guided by leading corporate environmental influencers and consumers themselves
  • Be a part of the change – whether you are a consumer or the CEO of a major corporation
  • Engage in group discussions based on breakout sessions that allow anyone in attendance to become a community leader and connect with participating individuals and organizations
  • Every person matters – from CEOs to college students – now is the time to connect and take steps to make a real difference

With input from leaders in business and activists for change, the Greenopolis Recycling Forum will provide dynamic group interaction through MaestroConference technology. Join us for a night of collaboration centered around the America Recycles Day Pledge, where corporations will have a chance to connect with their consumers and build future recycling strategies together.

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