Yikes! Could Plastic Take Over Our Oceans?

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Or has it already?

Maybe not yet, but there may be more out there than we know. Check out this video about the thick plastic soup that exists in our oceans. In many locations that span miles and miles. Twice the size of Texas. Some possibly larger.

(video from Discovery)

What can you do?

  • Reduce, reuse, RECYCLE! It’s your responsibility (please excuse the lecture, but come on)!
  • Buy items that are minimally packaged.
  • Eliminate bottled water from your vocabulary — in the US we toss out enough disposable water bottles to circle the equator every 2.9 days and this number is increasing. Only 15% or less is actually recycled! Worried about your tap water? Get it tested!
  • Say no to plastic retail bags. And paper is not the better option. Bring your own bag!
  • Sign the STOP Plastic Bags global petition.
  • Share this with everyone you know.

Like This!

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