Are you human? Wearing this is almost as eco-friendly as being naked.

humanwear eco-friendly t-shirt tee

Inspired by the documentary Go Further, starring Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie, HumanWear tees are more than just eco-friendly fashion.

“My desire was to form a company that would create the ‘greenest’ t-shirt possible… That was the unrelenting determination,” says HumanWear Founder and President Jellie Stanton.

humanwear human wear tee organic cotton greenlicious

These stylish tees exude style and thought-provoking messages at an affordable price. The first day I wore the “Human Being” tee, I felt like my whole self was smiling all day long. And the soft vintage feel was comfortable against my skin. In fact, I had to double check a few times to make sure I remembered to get dressed that day (just kidding).

HumanWear tees are printed with non-toxic water-based ink and are available in 100% organic cotton or a remarkable fabric called EcoHeather. This innovative fabric combines organic cotton with recycled polyester and rayon to create a material like no other. co-fi polyester is made from used bottles which are ground into tiny flakes, extruded into a fiber, and infused into polyester threads. The rayon comes from plant cellulose, a sustainable source of raw materials. (It’s important to note that Eco-Heather is developed using a mixture of recycled and organic threads alongside traditional ones in order to preserve vintage softness). To top it off, they’re created with low-impact dyes and natural wash methods–as well as biodegradable fabric softeners and natural enzymes for finishing.

So if you’re an eco-conscious human and want to make a cool statement, this is the tee for you.

“I hope my motivation to create a sustainable product will encourage someone who might like to do the same,” Jellie says. If only that statement could fit on a t-shirt.


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  1. Hate to pop your bubble, but eco-friendliness is more than just your clothes. The female model obviously blow dried her hair. Who knows what they did to that little boy’s hair to make it stick up like that. The male model has tons of unknown chemicals injected under his skin to be part of the tattoo fad.

    When I look at these pictures I see a lot of wasted energy and unhealthy chemicals. It is not the t-shirt that helps the earth, it’s the person inside being willing to look less than cool in order to lighten their environmental footprint.

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