An unexpected message from a fellow eco-mom

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I received a message the other day from a fellow eco-mom. The message came via the miracle of social marketing and had nothing to do with “green” issues, but instead was a plea for help, a search for answers and hope. Her 14 year-old daughter’s life is on the line. Although I don’t really know this eco-mom, Amie, on a personal level, I read her message and felt the need, as a mom, to post her message here. Please read on and help if you can. Spread the word.

I hope this message finds you in good spirits on this cool, crisp, Autumn morning…

In May, I was given the devastating news that my 14 year old daughter had tumors on her brain and spine (9 total) due to a genetic mutation…this disorder is called Neurofibromatosis Type II. There is no traditional Western medicine treatment or cure for this condition and Doctors don’t offer any hope. They say she will eventually loose her hearing, ability to walk, sight, and one by one every other bodily function…until her body shuts down.

I do not accept that there is no way to stop the progress of this disorder or to reverse it. I am seeking out holistic doctors and practitioners for help and asking for prayers and positive energy from everyone I come into contact with (including you).

I have found myself struggling in more ways than one…including financially. It is not my nature to ask for hand outs, under average circumstances, I firmly believe in earning what your receive. However…this situation is far from average.

I am a web developer with experience building personal and professional websites ranging from blogs to e-commerce and everything in between. If you have ever considering having a website but didnt know where to begin or if you could afford it…now is the time. I am offering to build websites for donations. If you can pay for the domain ($8) and hosting ($60 per year or $8 per month) …I will build your website and you can name the price and payment terms.

Yes, you read that right, for just $16 and whatever donation you can muster…I will build a website for you. If you already have your domain and hosting then you can get this started with even less up front cost.

To read more about my daughter’s diagnosis please visit the following link:

To email me directly:

To reach me by phone:

To see some of my recent web designs go to:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Amie Nguyen

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