Oh How Our Children Can Inspire Us

My son, Ethan, inspired–and continues to inspire–me to do what I do. What about other parents? Were there any out there who were inspired to go cold-green-turkey or just turn up their existing earth-friendly lifestyle a notch or two? Were there others that took it to the next level by inspiring others in their community or beyond? Yes! And here’s just one of many great stories …

Krista Watterworth, HGTV Host, considers herself a true multi-tasker: mom, author, television personality, and interior designer. Now add living the earth-friendly lifestyle to her list and you’ve got one heck of a woman–watch out eco.moms everywhere! When her son, Griffon, turned one, she decided to throw an eco-friendly, Earth themed, gluten/dairy free birthday party.

krista watterworth and son

Krista & Griffon in front of "The Paparzzi Corner". This fabric is now being turned into curtains for little G's room!

Q: How did Griffon inspire you to throw this party?

DSC07753A: Well, Griffon is only one year old so he didn’t say much to inspire his Earth-themed partyhe’s not talking yet. It wasn’t easy but I felt an obligation – for some reason – to begin his life on this path. He has a stencil in his room that I made for him with three symbols: an earth, a peace sign and a smiley face. The meaning is: earth + peace = happiness. So we’ve been teaching him this little lesson every day.

Also he is allergic to wheat and dairy so the idea for the party started with a gluten, dairy-free menu, and the inspiration to take it “eco” came from my sister who is very earth-conscious with her children.

Q: What impact did this have on you and your life?

A: We asked people to give to the World Wildlife Foundation in Griffon’s name. And those gifts were the most special of all! It really made people think about the gift they were giving, and (for a moment) about the special message that a gift can send. Plus he got some really amazing wood toys that we will keep forever. They are so beautiful and so much thought was put into making them. I know he will cherish them even when he’s older.

I loved the planning, it was such a learning experience for me. The most challenging part was keeping the trash to a minimum. People even recycled newspaper and brown shopping bags for gift wrapping. It was really wonderful.

invitation copy

Griffon's One Year Birthday Invite

It taught me that, even with the trendy nature of “eco” products, that it’s still hard to keep a party green. Especially for the gift bags! Even in New York City in the biggest party store known to man (Party City) they had a tiny green section with only three eco-friendly products.

Q: How does Griffon continue to inspire you. Is he an eco-champion at home, reminding you to turn off the lights, for example?
(Note: I asked this question without knowing Griffon was still only one)

A: Griffon inspires me not with his words, since he’s just learning to talk. He inspires me because he’s a little, innocent creature whose future I want to shape in a positive, kind, and responsible manner. He looks at me with his big blue eyes and it’s as if he’s looking right into my soul. So I want to be sure that what he sees there is a beautiful heart that is always available and believes in saving our earth in tiny ways every day.

Find out more about Krista on her website KristaWatterworth.com and check out her Room Recipes blog where design TV hosts share their room recipe makeovers and design TVĀ  insights.

Stay tuned for more stories about how parents were eco-inspired by their children.

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