Summer Kids Reading: Kids Teaching Kids to Live Green

What's It Like, Living Green?

There is a lot of talk these days about living green, but does anyone really live that way? In this non-fiction book, What’s It Like,Living Green? Kids Teaching Kids, by the Way They Live, (by Jill Vanderwood) your kids will learn how other kids live green and find tips as simple as putting on a sweater rather than turning up the heat; they’ll see how kids, like them, can make a difference. Meet a teenage girl who learned to drive with a car fueled by used cooking grease. Read about a boy who raised funds to build his first well to provide clean water for a whole village, when he was only seven years old. You will learn simple ways to help the environment, help others, and even earn some money. Learn how easy it is to reduce, reuse and recycle, to create a healthy environment for the future.

Watch a trailer about the book here.

The book is perfect for kids 9 and up, but I recommend reading it to your younger children, too. It’s printed on 30% Post Consumer Paper and is available here on my eco-mmerce site, A portion of the books proceeds will be donated to Edwin Watts Southwind (sustainable and accessible) Park and Erin’s Pavilion, in Springfield, IL, and Hibiscus Children’s Center, to help build a playground for abused and neglected children, in Jensen Beach, Florida. Plus, donates a portion of all sales to the National Environmental Education Foundation.

Picked by Ideal Bite as one of the best new children’s books on green living – all engaging, actionable (make your own wind turbine, anyone?), and nonpreachy, What’s It Like Living Green was also Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award in the Green category.

I should also mention that I am a contributing author If you read this book, please let me know how/if it impacted your children.

3 Responses

  1. Very important,

    I believe there are few things that come close to the holy task of educating and nurturing the hearts and minds of the next generations.

    As green is so crucial at our time and age, the need for more books like that is very much a crucial part of how our future will look like.

    I will make sure to get the book and pass the word around to recommend it.

    Great work,

    Saar Herman

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