Save a Tree and Help Workers with Disabilities

On Arbor Day this year, I gave baby trees to my son, Ethan’s, entire 2nd grade through a program called Fourth Grade Foresters. In my case, 2nd grade foresters.

This program is organized by Free Trees and Plants with the goal of revitalizing observation of Arbor Day in America’s schools. A business or individual sponsors the trees for their local school, giving every fourth grader a tree of their own to care for. Each tree is individually packaged for distribution by workers with disabilities. The cost to sponsor is only $1.59 per 12-18″ tree plus shipping.

What I didn’t know before was that each year millions of high quality plants go unsold or are destroyed! They go in the dump, are plowed under or burned. Free Trees and Plants locates these trees and plants (from the very same growers that supply most of the famous garden catalogs), which are then carefully packaged by workers with disabilities.

Sign up now to sponsor a grade–even an entire school–for next year’s Arbor Day. They’ll even provide a script to help you make the presentation of the trees extra special. The kids were so thankful to receive these trees and, except for a token few, they handled them with loving care as they carried the them to their lockers.

You can also order free high quality trees and other plants for your own enjoyment. Or consider giving someone a gift certificate to Free Trees and Plants. You just pay a small handling fee/plant plus shipping.

To sponsor a grade (or more) in 2010, contact:

Sarah Henne, Fourth Grade Foresters Program Coordinator
(402) 475-5507 |

P.S. Ethan didn’t want a tree until all were passed out. We took the 10 leftovers home. He had his choice of any–all pretty small, between 12-18″–but picked picked the saddest looking, smallest one, and I asked him, “Are you sure you want that one? Here are some bigger ones…”

“Mom,” he said, “this one is going to need the most care.”

We planted it in a big pot out on the deck, very carefully, and he had to look out the window at it before it got dark to make sure it was okay The rest went to friends around the ‘hood.

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  1. […] and we’ve left our bag in the car. He chose the smallest tree from the 12″ leftover Arbor Day trees, saying,  “I know it’s the smallest, mom. It needs the most care.” I could have […]

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