Celebrating Earth Day – Every Day

Every year, more and more families are recognizing Earth Day as a holiday, or a time to reflect on what more they can do to lower their impact on the earth. Why not celebrate every day? If you’re struggling with what to do, I can help! Many of these ideas cost nothing or even end up saving you money!

  • Choose a symbolic animal adoption to represent your commitment to conservation. It also makes a thoughtful gift. Adoption kits at the World Wildlife Fund start as low as $25 and include a certificate, species spotlight card full of fascinating facts about the animal and a personalized acknowledgement letter to your gift recipient. Or adopt a rescued Amazon animal by donating to Save Equador’s Animals. Most of the animals entering The Merazonia Rescue Centre are severely malnourished, and suffer from parasites and infections. Many have also been injured during their capture and need immediate surgery to save their lives.
  • Write a letter… or two:
    • Send a message to tissue manufacturers to stop using virgin wood for throwaway products. If your brand doesn’t have any recycled content, contact the manufacturer (click here to send a message to paper giant Kimberly-Clark). Tell them to use more recycled fibers, to avoid sourcing from ecologically valuable forests such as those in the Cumberland Plateau and Canadian boreal, and to ensure any virgin fibers used are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
    • Click here to tell your representative to co-sponsor Oceans-21, the Oceans Conservation, Education and National Strategy for the 21st Century Act. Oceans are essential to our way of life, but below the surface they are threatened by global warming and habitat degradation. Learn more about this issue.
    • Urge the Department of Agriculture to act now to save the bees. Honey bees are crucial to about one third of all the food we eat, yet the Department of Agriculture has failed to meet crucial research needs to determine the cause of colony collapse. Learn more about this issue.
    • Go to the World Wildlife Fund’s Conservation Action Network where you can speak out for wildlife and wild places around the globe.

  • Save forests by switching to 100% recycled home paper products. Here’s the impact we could have if every household in the US replaced just..
    • one box of virgin paper facial tissues (175 sheets)… Save 163,000 trees!
    • one roll of virgin fiber toilet paper (500 sheets)… Save 423,900 trees!
    • one roll of virgin fiber paper towels (70 sheets)… Save 544,000 trees!
    • one package of virgin fiber napkins (250 count)… Save 1 million trees:
  • Reduce your family’s bottled water consumption — in the US alone, we toss enough disposable water bottles to circle the equator every 2.9 days. Consider Investing in a filtration system and reusable water bottles, which can save you money in the long haul.
  • Turn off the TV. When combined with related devices, TVs make up about 10% of the average household’s annual electricity bill. Toss in gaming consoles and home theater systems and you may be accounting for some serious electricity consumption — and pollution. The average home has roughly two TVs, a VCR, a DVD player and three telephones. If these items were replaced with ENERGY STAR models, it would save over 25 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent to taking over 3 million cars off the road.  If replacing the electronics in your home with more energy efficient models isn’t an option, consider plugging them into a power strip that will allow you to eliminate the “phantom” loads they may draw when not in use.
  • Make an Earth Day resolution. Commit to making one change in your everyday life that reduces your impact on the earth like taking your bike or walking for small errands; switching to organic cloth napkins; washing laundry with cold water; switching to non-toxic household products. If each person in the U.S. made just one change, a difference could be made.
  • Watch the sunset. Take a walk–if the weather won’t cooperate, light some eco-friendly candles and gather by a window–and watch how the colors and shadows change as the sun disappears, bringing Earth Day to a close.

What are your ideas for celebrating Earth Day every day?

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